TurSEFF The Sustainable Energy Financing Facilities
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    TurSEFF The Sustainable Energy Financing Facilities
  • TurSEFF
    TurSEFF The Sustainable Energy Financing Facilities
  • TurSEFF
    TurSEFF The Sustainable Energy Financing Facilities
  • TurSEFF
    TurSEFF Türkiye Sürdürülebilir Enerji Finansman Programı
  • TurSEFF
    TurSEFF Türkiye Sürdürülebilir Enerji Finansman Programı

Partner Banks

İş Bankası
Is your project either on Energy Efficiency or a Renewable Energy Project?
Yes No
What is the size of your project?
< 250.000 EUR
> 250.000 EUR

No - it's easy and straightforward to use! Although TurSEFF loans do involve large amounts of technical and economic documentation, most of this work is carried out by the TurSEFF team, who are financed by the EU through EBRD.

  • Select one of the Participating Bank joining the TurSEFF programme;

  • Discuss the financial eligibility with the selected Participating Bank and share technical documentation with the bank to be forwarded to TurSEFF team for the technical eligibility;

  • Sign the Letter of Engagement;

  • The participating bank gives a 'green light'  to lend to your company.

  • TurSEFF team prepares a Project Assessment Report and/or undertake an Energy Study, if required.  

  • Sign a loan agreement with the selected Participating Bank.

  • Use the loan to make the energy efficiency investment. 

This is entirely up to you. The TurSEFF team will not advise you about which bank to select, nor about their interest rates, grace periods or other conditions. You should discuss this kind of issue directly with the bank.

TurSEFF team will:

  • independently evaluate your project from technical and economic perspective and prepare a package of documentation to support your loan application.

  • deliver free technical assistance services to your building or factory to help you in identifying potential energy efficiency opportunities
The currency of the loan depends on the agreement between the participating bank and the final borrower - EBRD has no requirements in this respect.
The TurSEFF loan conditions (interest rates, maturity, grace period and collateral) are determined between the Partner Bank and the Sub-Borrower.
Yes. TurSEFF is financed by the EU through EBRD.
Up to 100% of the total investment cost, provided that the total investment is lower than the category loan limit.

No. Each category has different loan limit. In particular:

  • LEME-LESI project up to 250,000 EUR;

  • Complex energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in industrial and commercial clients up to Million 5 EUR;

  • Supplier loan  up to Million 1 EUR;

  • Vendor loan up to Million 5 EUR (individual equipment up to 250,000 EUR)
TurSEFF is an advantageous loan facility and there is not any grant component within. 

TurSEFF does not finance projects in new buildings that are already subject to energy efficiency standards set at country level.

No, the facility is designed to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in private sector companies. The company applying for financing under TurSEFF should have at least 51% private ownership.

No, investments in new production facilities are not included in the scope of the facility.

No. TurSEFF team does not recommend any particular suppliers or vendors. A list of Eligible Equipment from different suppliers and installers is available on TurSEFF website. However,  the List is not exhaustive and it is regularly updated.

You can fill the form on TurSEFF web-site. We’ll evaluate the eligibility of the product against LEME criteria and inform you accordingly. 

Yes. TurSEFF also support unlicensed RE plants to sell electricity to the grid. Please, apply to the Bank for your project.

Yes, your clients should apply for a TurSEFF loan to a Partner Bank sharing the pro-forma invoice and/or feasibility report of the planned investment. The final user has to comply with the SME definition.

Yes, you can apply for a “supplier” loan to a TurSEFF Partner Bank sharing the details of the planned investment.

Sub-loans under this sub-category will support investments of permanent nature such as Capex or machinery upgrade. Investments related to Best Available Technologies (BAT) for energy efficiency are prioritised.

You have successfully submitted your request. Thank you!
Is the equipment you are investing in eligible for TurSEFF?
Please visit our equipment list page for further information.
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